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Automotive Maintenance

Transmission Fluid Change
Oil Change
Filter Change
Wiper Blade Replacement
Headlight Replacement
Bearings Greased
Brake Pad Changes
Tire Rotation
Belt, Hose and Filter Dressing
30/60/90 Preventative Maintenance

We take pride in maintaining your vehicles. Many of our clients are driving vehicles that we have serviced for years and are looking to extend the life of their vehicle. Our maintenance services, repair services, and customer service keeps them coming back. With properly maintained vehicles, many of our customers are saving money, building equity in their vehicle, and taking pride in a big investment. But as we continue maintaining your older vehicles, there have been some exciting changes in new vehicle technology that we’d bring you up to speed on. With a trusted repair shop, there’s a good chance your vehicle will continue running for years to come.

No matter which vehicle you drive – old or new – we can perform preventative maintenance services to ensure that it is driving at optimal performance. With our knowledge and experience, automotive technology is part of our passion for caring for your vehicle. While we thoroughly enjoy working with the new technology available at our fingertips, we will never stop caring for early-model vehicles to get you the most miles and best performance you need. Bring your vehicle into ER for Cars and experience everything that your vehicle deserves no matter it’s age.



What They Say

pictureTo find a company with your work ethic this day and time is truly refreshing.. Thank you for keeping us on the road and making money!"

by: Danny Baker - Oldham County, KY.

Why Choose Us

Expert Certified Mechanic
Quality Napa Parts
All Work is Guaranteed
Reasonable Prices
Friendly and Fast Service
We Service All Makes & Models

Our Services

Quality Auto Repair
Engine Repair, Gas & Diesel
Air Conditioning Service
Brake Service 
Transmission Repair
Electrical System Repair
Drivetrain & Axle Repair

Auto Maintenance
Oil and Filter Changes
Computer Diagnostics
Tire Rotation and Changes
Radiator Flushes



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